vanessabling stripchat

Vanessabling Stripchat

Vanessabling Stripchat

vanessabling stripchatVanessa is black, but she is also half-German. She is proud of her heritage. She is fluent in the language and performs traditional German folk dances. Christina, who internalizes hate towards black women, and is the cause of much of the show’s nonsense, is unaware of this fact. This is an important moment in the show, because it shows that Vanessa’s mixedness is something she embraces and does not try to stifle. She is a complete person, a mother, friend and black woman. This is a truth rarely seen in TV stories.

Eyes: Brown

Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the United States and may be found in as many as 80% of people worldwide. They get their color from melanin, a pigment that also gives hair and skin its shade. Melanin is made in the outer layer of our eyes, the iris. This filters out the blue light so we can see. Dark brown eyes are more common in Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Light brown eyes with hazel or green borders are more common in South Europe, Central and West Asia, and South Europe.