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Margaret “Peggy’ Carter, a codebreaker in Bletchley Park during World War II, helped break the German Enigma machines. This prevented them from sending messages, including to U-boats, to other enemies of Britain. Peggy Carter never wanted to be a field spy, despite her espionage skills and combat experience. Instead, her older brother Michael recommended that she join S.O.E., the British espionage agency, so she could avoid the front lines of WWII.

Eventually, she became an Operations Supervisor for the S.O.E., helping to evaluate cadets for their potential in the super-soldier program. While she often had to shoot down chauvinistic comments from the male recruits, she earned their respect and even made them laugh.

Peggy’s most important contribution, despite her many accomplishments, was a kiss. She initiated her and Steve’s first kiss right before he climbed aboard the Valkyrie. While it was a brief moment, it spoke volumes about Peggy’s refusal to let men define her and her belief that all people deserve equal opportunity to succeed. It was a feminist moment that brought Cap and Peggy’s relationship full circle.

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Peggy’s World provides day care and inpatient services for families of people living with dementia. Their team of nurses, carers and other staff members help them live their best lives. They are passionate about providing a high standard of care and support to their clients and their loved ones. The company was inspired by Amanda’s nan who suffered from dementia, and both her and Tilly (company directors) wanted to create a service that would help families and people like theirs.

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Peggy Parish had no intention of becoming a writer. But when she began writing Amelia Bedelia stories to share with her students in elementary school, it became her calling. She went on to write nearly a dozen books about the beloved character. Peggy has a unique ability to bring out the best in everyone. She can make even the most stubborn, judgmental characters seem more relatable and human.

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Peggy’s egotism will be put to the test during the Fan Fair Country Music Festival. When she sends unsolicited song lyrics to a number of country stars and receives a standard rejection letter from Randy Travis’s lawyer, she interprets it as a nudge toward her own singing career.

During the cameo cluster, numerous country music artists such as Wynonna Judd, Brooks & Dunn and Charlie Daniels make appearances. Moreover, recurring voice actor Vince Gill voices Assistant Pastor Larry who is an expert on Nashville (he went to divinity school there). Adam Westing also makes his debut as Randy Travis.

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Click the button to view a live feed from a camera located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The webcam is looking south from the Sou’Wester Restaurant towards Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, said to be one of the most photographed lighthouses in all of Canada.

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