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Holly And Honey

Stripchat Holly And HoneyHolly And Honey is a delightful shrub that weaves a spell of sweetness and charm into your outdoor haven. This holly variety is a stunning one with its lush evergreen foliage, and the luscious red fruits that steals the show. Its refined beauty provides year-round interest to your garden with a classic, yet alluring appeal.

With a wide range of uses, this unique cultivar offers versatility in the landscape, from foundation plantings to flower beds and beyond. Its compact size makes it a wonderful accent or foundation shrub, while its dense branching lends itself well to hedges. It thrives in USDA hardiness zones 5-9, bringing elegance and refinement to any space.

This striking cultivar has a more compact form than many other holly plants, making it a perfect choice for smaller spaces. Its glossy, spiny dark green leaves have a distinctive holly-shaped shape that makes it stand out from other plants. The leaves are complemented by the beautiful red berries that appear in fall and winter, providing a bold focal point for any garden setting.

The berries look particularly striking when they are illuminated by morning or evening sunlight. They can also be accentuated with the help of other colors, such as black, gold or white floral arrangements. Plant this holly with full sun in moist, rich soil for best results. Plant a male blue holly, such as Ilex meserveae “Blue Prince” or Castle Wall, nearby to ensure a plentiful berry harvest.

In addition to its decorative qualities, this holly is an excellent bird feeder. Its berries provide an important source of food for many types of birds, especially throughout the winter.

We love pairing holly honey with a cup of tea. The honey’s sweetness complements the nutty and tangy flavors in this herbal beverage. It’s also delicious drizzled over roasted vegetables or brushed onto grilled meats. Our holly honey is raw and unfiltered, allowing the healthful benefits of this sweet nectar to remain intact.