Megan_Lux2 Stripchat

Megan_Lux2 Stripchat

Megan Lux – The Hottest Latina on Stripchat

Megan_Lux2 StripchatSexy Latina

This gorgeous brunette is the perfect Latina to rock your world. She loves to have fun and is always up for new challenges. She is open to any kind of kinky sex you ask her to try. Her favorite things to do include anal play, sloppy blowjobs, double penetration, and titty fucking. She also loves to use sex toys and erotic dancing. Make sure to tip her generously so that she can continue to bring you more amazing live sex shows. She is from Colombia and hopes to meet horny men from all over the world. Check out her schedule to see when she is available to chat. She looks forward hearing from you soon.

Anal Play

While butt play might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about pleasure, it’s a great way to add some variety to your masturbation. Incorporating anal play, whether it’s a finger, buttplug or even a dildo, can help you achieve some of the best orgasms of your life.

Just be sure to use lots of lube and don’t push through any pain. You also want to make sure to poop at least an hour before starting anal sex so you don’t end up with fecal matter in your vaginal canal where it can cause infections.

It’s not rocket science to add anal play to your routine, but you must always listen to your body. Only move on to advanced techniques when you are ready. I recommend that beginners start with toys and fingers before moving on to penetration using a penis.

Double Penetration

Whether you’re the one doing the penetrating or the one being penetrated, double penetration (or DP) can give off serious heat. It’s no secret that getting two penises in your vagina and anus at the same time can stimulate the g-spot, clitoris, and anus for explosive orgasms. You’ll feel more tension in the muscles when you have two penises in your vagina and anus at the same time.

DP is not limited to porn videos where a cis man penetrates a cis female both vaginally as well as anally. It can refer to any simultaneous penetration with two openings using one or more objects, including penises or dildos or strap-ons or even your fists and fingers. If you’re ready to try DP for yourself, start slowly and build up your arousal by using a vibrator and working your way up to orgasm. Just remember, you’ll want to wear lube and use condoms for safety reasons.

Titty Fucking

Titty fucking, popularized by porn, is another form of sexual play. It can be very arousing. This is a great way to warm up and get both partners aroused for more intense sexual activity. The key to a good tit fuck is foreplay and making sure that the breasts are kept close together. This can be done with kissing, petting, or any other foreplay that both people find arousing.

It is important for both partners to be comfortable discussing their needs and desires. This includes being open about how much sensation they want from titty fucking and also how much they would like to feel from the rest of the body.

Some people might need to use a lubricant when tit ficking. Before you begin, it is important to discuss this with your partner. This will allow you to determine if you need to use a different lube or if baby oil will suffice.

Erotic Dancing

Sensual erotic dance is a great tool to boost your self-esteem and confidence. It can also help release a lot of “happy-hormones,” which improves your mood and makes you more attractive to your partner. If you’re interested in learning how to dance sensually, try finding an erotic dance class in your area. This is a great way to make new friends and have a good time.

Megan_Lux2 is a white stripchat girl who loves to show off her curvy figure and play with her big boobs. Her favorite activities are anal play and sloppy blowjobs. She also enjoys double penetration and titty fiddling. She also loves erotic dance. Make sure to tip her frequently so she can continue to provide you with amazing live sex.